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Jafflong Valley Boarding School(JVBS)

About Us


About JVBS  

Jaflong Valley Boarding School (JVBS) is an initiative of some dynamic and highly successful entrepreneurs of the country with a vision to bring social change through education. It is located in a sprawling undulated scenic spot comprising 150 acres of land, forty km away from the city of Sylhet in the North East corner of Bangladesh. JVBS is designed to be a boarding school for secondary classes with boarding accommodation for 1000 students in three separate houses/halls. Each hall provides for the accommodation for Houseparents and tutors. The main faculty building has a space of 145,000 squire feet in three floors. The Principal’s bungalow is ideally located on a hillock overlooking the school. Accommodation for teachers within the campus is fast moving for completion by end of the year (2017).

JVBS will follow National Curricula in English version. We plan to begin our journey with 300 boys of class VI and VII from January 2018. Next year the school plans to welcome an intake for Class XI.

The school offers excellent accommodation in an enchanting environment with facilities for healthy food to adequately meet the nutritional requirements of growing children.


Why JVBS  

  • Comfortable and hygienic accommodation
  • Healthy and nutritious food
  • Integrated safety and security arrangements
  • Lessons on curricular subjects under supervision of experienced and reputed faculty
  • Supervised private study hours under care of dedicated house tutors
  • Planned extracurricular activities to promote leadership, creativity, physical stamina and mental prowess
  • Class rooms equipped with essential gadgets to afford learning in a digitized environment
  • Excellent Library, IT and laboratory facility
  • Adequate facilities for games and sports including basketball, football, volleyball, handball, tennis, cricket, badminton, cycling tracks, skating and swimming under supervision of professionals

JVBS Facilities  

  • Dormitory  

    The school comprises three Dormitories built at close proximity with their own boarding and dining facility. Each Dormitory hosts about 350 students. It is supervised by a House Master, an Assistant House Master, a House Tutor and an Assistant House Tutor. Evening preps enhance the effect of boarding and the House Staff render essential services in guiding the boarding students. We are planning to provide latest computers with hi-speed internet WIFI connection in each dorm. The facilities of washing; ironing and cleaning are available to all the students. Social evenings and dinner nights heighten the effect of boarding life.

  • Sports Facility  

    Afternoon games, regular drill and physical training are compulsory for all the students. The school is well equipped with a number of playing fields including cricket, hockey and soccer fields. Moreover, basketball, volley ball courts and skating arena cater to the students’ needs. Besides these facilities, individual enrollments for games such as lawn tennis and squash will be made available for the students and staff.

  • Swimming  

    The School swimming pool has been planned to allow couching of swimming in a professional and confident way. Inter-Hall Swimming competitions will be held annually. Organized swimming practice will be arranged to make students proficient in swimming. The expert staffs along with and responsible teacher remains on duty during the swimming practice to ensure safety and maximum utility of this facility.

  • Gym  

    The health and fitness issues are our utmost priority which is met through a health and fitness centre. The school gymnasium is furnished with latest exercise equipment and our trained staff guide the students to the right strength training techniques. Students will be able to review their own strengths and utilize this facility as per need.

  • Dining  

    Each dorm is having its own dining halls to meet the dining needs of the students each with a capacity of hosting three hundred students. Our highly trained staff and a variety of cuisine make life at school an entirely different experience.

  • Medical  

    The School plans to have a small 10 bed Hospital to cater for emergency needs of students under supervision of a qualified Medical Officer and other trained staff. All minor ailments will be treated at the proposed hospital. For specialized treatment and in case of serious illness or injury the affiliation with a reliable hospital at Sylhet will be made.

  • Security  

    The school is completely secured and well-guarded through efficient and integrated security system. The safety and security of the students is our first rated priority. Every effort has been made to ensure a round the clock monitoring and foolproof security.

  • Power Backup  

    Required number of automatic and efficient generators meet the needs of power crisis thus providing electricity to the whole school in case of power failure. Besides, solar power has also been planned to be incorporated where feasible.

  • Library  

    Library is a resource centre for all types of learning and research purposes. The school library has a good stock of books almost on all subjects. The librarian plays the role of a learning facilitator.

  • Language Lab  

    A Language Lab has been planned in the Academic Block of the School. This will be fully supported with the latest computers. It will be equipped with necessary audio visual and computer software to make the students efficient in mastering required language proficiency and communication skill.

  • Computer Lab  

    The School has a spacious, well-equipped and Air-Conditioned Computer Lab conveniently located at the Academic block. The Lab is equipped with required number of computers for students. It also provides the facility of shared Printers and Scanners. Multimedia Projectors are also installed in the Lab to make the lectures more interesting and interactive. The whole network is safeguarded by installing Firewall equipment that ensures a virus-free environment and provides the facility of blocking the unwanted sites.

  • Science Lab  

    A modern well equipped science lab has been planned to meet all requirements of Academic Curricula on physics, chemistry and biology. Our well trained staff remain ready to attend all inquisitiveness of young minds.

  • High Speed Internet Connectivity  

    The School has got high speed internet connection. The whole Academic Block, all the 3 Dorms and residence of Faculty Members are planned to be connected through schools LAN to benefit from this high speed internet.


To produce lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, to be creative and analytical thinkers and problem solvers. To sow the seed of green thinking, respecting nature and stepping into the future with confidence.

Board of Governors  

  • Mr. Hafiz Ahmed Mazumdar
    Ex MP, Chairman Hafiz Ahmed Foundation
  • Mr. Tapan Choudhury
    Chairman Square Group
  • Mr. A. K. Azad
    Chairman Hameem Group
  • Mr. Anisur Rahman Sinha
    Chairman Sinha Group
  • Mr. Mohd. Safwan Choudhury
    M. Ahmed Group
  • Dr. Rab
  • Dr. Kabir Choudhury
  • Mr. Lukman Uddin